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Scotland’s weather can have an impact in what we are able to offer operationally to our guests. We will be in constant communication with our guests in relation to excursions and ports of call and should the weather deteriorate, we will travel to the nearest safe harbour to moor until the weather clears.

We will recommend all passengers bring anti-motion/sea-sickness tablets with them on pre-cruise communications. We recommend JoyRides anti motion-sickness tablets.   All passenger are strongly advised to take motion-sickness medication irrespective of their previous sea travel experience. This is imperative for the enjoyment of all of our passengers.

Fortunately Nova Spero is built to withstand the high seas but for the comfort of our guests, our skipper will make changes to our cruise itinerary to make for calm waters.

Absolutely.  The skipper will meet with all of the cruise guests at the start of the holiday and will be more than happy to receive mooring suggestions.  If the location is on or nearby to our planned route then we will do what we can to accommodate your requests.